What awaits in 2019?

So here we are, the last day of 2018. Then 2019 begins the next day. Scary but exciting. Happy but nervous.


I am not going to be making resolutions, they seem like a strong word that is too hyped and does not work for me. I am going to work on myself, my goals and my dreams, try my best and learn. What I am going to do instead is just move on with 2019, focus on my goals and dreams, try my best, learn and change for the best. I am going to continue to live life like always. Make promises on the way, learn more on the way and try improving where I need to be improved. That’s what I am going to do.

 I want to start my year good, it’s a tradition in our family, more so believed and said by mom. If your new years starts in a good light, the rest of the year continues to go good. It’s a belief that I hold to my heart dearly. If we start our year good, it will go good and I would like to uphold and stick to it every single year.


Things to Look forward to 2019

  • Amsterdam trip with best friends!! Ready for some immersive out of the world new expericnes over there and I can’t wait for it!! New adventures and memories await!!


  • Planning a trip to Paris, Disneyand!! Myself being such a huge fan of Disney have never been there!! SO I AM SO STOKED TO GO TO THE CITY OF MAGIC!!! Keeping my fingers crossed for this trip to happen!! And also planning a trip to some other places as well!! Let’s hope that it happens


  • GOING FOR Panic! At the Disco Concert on March 26th!!! FINALLY!!!!! I Can’t wait!! Imagine listening to Brendon live, his vocals, him, THE SONGS!!! Dear lord, Have mercy!!


  • All my favourite shows such as the A Series Of Unfortunate Events, One Day At A Time, The Good Place, Riverdale, Brooklyn 99 all come out and then don’t even get me started on the movies that are going to come out!! 2019 IS GOING TO RULE!!


  • Turning the BIG 20 on May 24th. The adulthood takes over this one now. I do not know if I dread this or whether I am eagerly waiting for it. I feel more like dreading to this because I am not ready to be an adult. Are any of us ever ready?


This is just the start and I am sure many more awaits as I continue the journey. 

– Roshni Marath Jairaj


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