A good day!

January 4th 2019

Wow, it does feel different writing 2019 rather than 2018, so far everything seems to be going well and the ships have set smoothly along the sea, waiting for its adventures and misadventures.

Myself, my mom and dad, we all went out for a little shopping, brought some clothes and had some amazing Chinese food and the best part that made this day a good day was the banana spring rolls! Dear Lord, it was heavenly and one of the best desserts I have had. I am not a huge dessert person, but this is definitely in one of my favourites. From the first bite to the last, I savoured every bit of it and I knew the moment this dish arrived was the moment I knew this day was a good one.

Food carries the magic to turn a frown into a smile. The power of food is remarkable.

The ride back home whiffed up my inner nostalgiac side, I put my headphones on and listened to the songs that reminded me of the good times and memories I had in Dubai while looking out to the street lights that shone in the dark. I love street lights and lights in the dark. When I look at them, I am at peace and I am so calm and happy. It feels alive, it’s just me, my thoughts and the world out there. It feels balanced and in sync.

Sometimes all it takes for a day to be good is to just try it out.  Up until then, things were a bit rocky and dodgy, but then I said Yes to going out with my mom and dad, it turned out to be great.

I find it lazy and a bit hard for selfish reasons to step out of my comfort zone because the zone I am in is so inviting and warm, It’s just me and my world. What could possibly go wrong in that? Well, I have a few starters, missing out on the world I live in, it’s stories and adventures, my friends and family.

It might make you sound I am not a part of this world at all. What I am saying is, I love to dwell in the world I have created as well as the real world. What I am not a fan of is people I am not really comfortable with being a part in the real world. I am a people person only to people I love and I find myself really comfortable with.

It’s circumstantial. If there are situations where I have to be friendly and nice, example work areas and classrooms, Yeah I am good at it, but interacting with people on a social scale, it just makes me uncomfortable and a bit nervous, but sometimes I do warm up to them if I like them. It’s a hard life.

So coming back to the topic, sometimes you have to go out there and see and test it for yourself. There are chances and possibilities of you inviting more happy trinkets into your life from the world you go out and explore,  if not now you know what doesn’t make you happy and you can steer away from it.

Writing out the words is easy, but it’s hard doing it. I understand but why ponder on the possibility of what if? Why have that regret?

For some, it’s smooth and natural, like the gentle waves of the ocean, but for some, it’s hard and rough like the storm. Let’s do what it takes in our way and conquer. So little by little, let’s start discovering and exploring like pirates, and who knows we might find the treasure we look for.

Go out there and try. I really should start following my own advice and in a way I am.

Sometimes, one has to say Yes to test out the waters and if turns out to be good, it’s great for you but if not, be glad you made the attempt. 

– Roshni Marath Jairaj


(PS: Why am I referring to many ocean lingos?)

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