7. The Epilogue

Have I done my job...? I know how to play you I know how to keep you in this trap  I know what to do to you but if I reveal it, I won’t be that good of a creator that I think I am.  Will I now?  I know I should not keep it [...]

6. Hooked and Trapped

Continued from 5... You didn't think I was finished with my work yet, right? Is this how writers feel when they leave you hooked?  It’s like a musical note towards the finale but incomplete  They play around with that last note, it lingers around and then you wait for them to end that note but [...]

5. Complete

Continued from 4. From the land of the lost and tired, I have found my way I am afraid of not jotting all of you down You play and toy with me All these thoughts appear at once and once I close my eyes and drift off; these thoughts and words never make its mark [...]

4. No control

Followed from 3, The master continues to tell the story... Dear Visitor, I do not know what you seek but over here you shall find no rhythm to a proper story but just a flow of lines that my mind wishes to let loose I have no control over my hands or my mind It [...]

3. The Master

Continued from 2. The Monologue... I want to be that one who teaches you I want to be that one who people learn about  Do you not find it fascinating or tentative or is it just me?  How to make you understand is beyond my limits  If you were I, this would be so much [...]

2. Monologue

Continuation from 1. The Prelude... Now I want you to imagine Can you do it for me? Imagine that this is a prologue to something great or a prologue to an epic end Create it however you like but I want you to make me the center in that space  In that dim vast space, [...]

1. The Prelude

This is a series, each piece with its own title and different lines.You can read or approach it any way you would, but my personal recommendation is to stick with it from the beginning until the very end. It helps with the exploration of the journey. I hope you all stick till the very end [...]

Trying this new thing

Hey everyone, this is me Roshni and I am here to tell you that I am trying out this new thing I have written about. It's quite a piece and I am approaching with it in a different manner. Over the course of the next days, I will be posting that piece bit by bit [...]

Shatters and Breaks

I had written this down when I had to say goodbye to my best friend Raveena after my holidays ended. This happened around 2017. This was the last time we met each other before I left for UK and it hurts every single time when I leave her because she is such a special person [...]