The Endgame…

A thing you should know about me is that I care very deeply for movies, shows and books especillay the ones that I have invested my life and time in, it is a part of me, so some people might think that this is all a bit too much but frankly, I do not care [...]

To not care or to care, That is the question.

You were a produce amongst many of the others  I chose you out of the many I nurtured you and I fed you  I fed you with everything you wanted, needed and secretly demanded Without a moment of hesitation I submitted it all to you You are a taste one acquires at first but then [...]


Why does my heart ache at something that never had the fullest possibility of ever happening? Perhaps it was due to the fact that it dangled in front of me like a bait and I was lured into and trapped. Why does my heart cry out in silence and clutch at the possibility of clinging [...]