I like 500 Days Of Summer :)

It is a rainy day outside. Living in a small condo sure has its perks. We have a balcony out with a wooden table and few chairs around. I like to sit around when it’s cool, enjoy the weather, hear the birds chirp and just look out and write.

There only exist some days where moments like these can be remembered and can be thought about again and it is through words of mine. Through these sentences, I can remember to pause and take a break and see what’s present.

The windows were left open to let in the heavy wind that came from the rain. It was around 10 am when the aroma of grated coconut filled the living room. It acted as a blissful background to the movie set I wanted to watch. The wind from the rain also gave me company while I watched 500 days of Summer.

I have always only known about the ending of 500 days of summer and I had only watched somewhat of it before. Today I sat down and watched the whole thing. It is beautiful.

The narrator tells us from the start that this is not a love story. We all know what we can expect now. We see the journey of love or so called love of Tom and Summer. We see how the expectations of love can sometimes lead us to chasing the wrong thing or being in awe of something that is not meant to be.

This movie is a perfect example to teach us that love is not perfect and sometimes doesn’t exisit like the way in movies. It shows how the ideas of this fantasy love does not exist and we should ackowledge it.

The movie is out of sequence. Tom’s story with Summer is shown in 500 days and the viewing of the story in these days are not in order. It is a nonlinear narrative.

I like that each date of their time together is presented in a title card showing which of the 500 days it is. It was interesting to see fragments of their relationship shown from different days of their relationship. One showing how the relationship was and one showing what had become of it.

The cinemaphotgraphy of the movie was simple yet had so much of meaning to it. It is the simple thing that carries the most impact.

What I loved most of the movie were the side by side comparions it often had. The side by side scenes showed Expectations/Reality, Tom/Summer and when asked about love, it showed what each character said but Tom wanted to answer but couldn’t. He didn’t know how.

The expectations show the brighter happier side of life. What we wish we wanted. The reality is much harsher, sometimes not giving us what our heart desires the most.

I also am in love with the cinematography of this movie, the ending of that scene above.

As he walks into the road and then stops with all hope lost, everything turns black and white, everything erases around him and then he fades away. That scene is just moving and very symbolic. I feel that it depicts what it feels like to loose something very important to you and then shows what it does to you. Everything in the world vanishes and there is nothing left to do but just stay in that.

These are the type of visuals I like to see. It is done so beautifully yet very heartbreaking to watch.

This movie executes the idea that time changes perspective flawlessly. Summer is a girl who does not belive in the idea of love, fate and coincidence but as time goes by and with the right person, she believes it all and as for Tom, he learns the untold version of Love that movies, music and stories kept away from him through his relationship with Summer.

Tom falls in with the idea of this superficial love. He projects these fantasies onto Summer and is dissapointed when she does not live up to it. He does not fall in love with her but rather falls in love with the feeling of love. He fails to understand and get to know her on a deeper level and he learns from that. I am happy to see him learn.

Summer does tell him from the start that she is not looking for a serious relationship but he fails to accept the reality which led to his downfall. I also do blame Summer a bit for leading him on even after the break up. They both were at fault and that is what this movie shows. It does not fail to show the uglier side of love.

Despite his failed relationship with Summer, the ending is what gives him and all of us hope. Even though love gives us pain and heartbreak there is always a second chance of having love. You learn from the past and understand.

Rachel, Tom’s little sister is such a great addition in the movie. Despite being so young, she is the one with the most brilliant advice for Tom and I learnt something good from her.

After his break up with Summer, he choses to mope in his sadness and can only think of ways to get back with her. Rachel tells him that he might have only been looking at the good aspects of the relationship and that is what keeps him going back to her. She tells him that next time when thinking about their time together, she tells him to look again. I like what this means.

Sometimes when friendships or love fails, we only think about the good times and it draws us back to them. Many a times we tend to not see the bad stuff. My take on this is that we should look at the whole perspective rather than being selective with our memories. What has happened has happened. There is no use in moping around it. You can move on, learn from the past, be glad it happened and be glad it got over if it only did bad to you.

Like Tom, I still believe in fate and destiny. Now days, not in the grand way like how the movies show but I do still keep my faith in it. Some where out there, I would like to believe there is love waiting for me.

Just when you think there is no such thing as coincidence and destiny, the ending proves you wrong. I suggest you watch the movie to find out. It’s a beautiful coincidence to show that faith and destiny do exist. It could be a bit unrealistic but still, my heart always liked to see the unimaginable happen.

You can still have a chance to have your second story. Just because one story ends doesn’t mean there is a new one not waiting for you.

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