Another state

I go to sleep without the help of aid these days now 

In the past, as I have awoken from sleep, I remember details of my dreams vividly but now I seem to have loosen myself into them

Earlier, I witnessed my dreams from the point of a third person but now, it seems like I step into my dreams and control it

In between or moments before I wake up, there seems to be a moment of weariness. 

My body becomes weak, I try waking up but fall into the bed as if my head is filled with the drugs I have consumed at parties. 

Falling into the bed, I see the world in front of me in distortion and

I fall back into a state of vertiginous 

I have read that this is astral projection

What I might have experienced cannot fully be of that nature but a part of does believe in the unknown. 

There used to be times where after waking up, I could recount every breathing second of those dreams but now, I remember fragments

Significant fragments that soon vanish in the nick of time 

The fragmented moments that I remember are of value because I then learn what I lust for 

In brief, my soul and mind break free my body and course through the universe permitting me to slip into stories created by me semi-consciously which are then cut. I proceed to then jump into a different time and story. These cuts happen and I sail through them with no recollection of how I get from one port to another. 

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