What’s been happening

Dear Me,

Right now, the world is not so great, and you are losing inspiration and motivation to do things that you love, and you need to do.

Through this, I am attempting to try and get some of my creativity flow through my hands and perhaps watching my words unravel might bring me some joy and make me remember why I started to do this in the first place. 

Let me tell you what’s been going on. 

Right now, there is this “small virus” going around in the world, I have heard its potentially life threatening and apparently the people are supposed to stay at homes and maintain social distance amongst other people. 

It’s officially a pandemic and I am not saying this for the boom effect. It’s actually been declared as a pandemic by WHO. 

If any of you were living under a rock and not aware of this news, I would advise you to still be living under a rock because right now, that is the safe thing to do. 

The most “bizarre” thing I have heard is that they have to maintain hygiene by washing their hands with soap. Have you ever heard of such a ridiculous thing? I am surprised people have started to take this seriously considering such sort of hygiene was not maintained back then, so why now?
Just for this “small virus”. RIDICULOUS. 

Due to this “so called virus”, there are some people rebelling and “I appreciate them”. They are doing what they want by going out and not caring about if other people get it and die. How daring of them to care for themselves! How nice of them to not stay at homes and just wander outside!

I truly understand them because why should one stay at home and inconvenience themselves for caring about other people when they can just go out into the world and have a “wonderful day”! 

I applaud you! 

Sadly, I can’t display such an extravagant feat because my parents have “told” me to stay at home and dare I say, they are concerned about them and myself getting this “virus”. Honestly, I don’t see what the “big deal” is. 

Let me get real with you. Staying at home with my parents under one roof is not easy. Sometimes, I wish I was back in the UK but then the other times, I am glad I am back at home with them.

I just wish I could go out and enjoy but sadly, “I must care for myself and the people around me by not stepping out and remaining in ‘jail’, because that’s the safe thing to do”

How rude! 

Apparently, some of the countries in the world are also on lockdown. This “virus” must be one hell of a “killer”. This has caused people to buy huge amounts of toilet paper amongst many other products.

 I “totally get it”. 

I mean I “understand” why they buy such huge amounts. “Sadly, people who stockpile” are getting a bad rep!

 “I don’t get it.” 

One should always prepare themselves for a big bathroom emergency or for dressing up as a mummy for the next Halloween. (If only we get to go trick or treating, considering there is this inconvenient virus going around.)

The world’s current scenario somewhat resembles the movies with plot lines of deadly viruses eradicating the people. 

I always thought maybe, I could survive but now I am not so sure because it’s not a zombie apocalypse and I don’t think I might even possess the skills to survive a zombie apocalypse. 

If you count watching countless movies and shows and gathering information from it as a weapon, perhaps I have a chance. 

Passing the days at home has now become a task. 

Each day, I am slowly running out of goals or interests to do or I just don’t have the interest to do anything because being confined in the four walls of my room apparently is not inspiring or motivating. Who knew?!

I don’t know if I have a sanity to lose because it seems that I have lost it quite a while back. 

These last few months were quite the worst for my mental state, and I didn’t spend enough time with my friends and I deeply regret that now. 

I wish I could go back in time and change it all. 

When this virus wasn’t around, all I wanted was for was confinement, a good internet connection, my laptop and food. 

With this virus around, I still want those above-mentioned things but also be granted the freedom to step outside into the world and have adventures by myself and with people without the crippling fear of contracting a virus. 

Time is what it will take for this nightmare to end and when it does, I hope not to transgress back into my ways of not understanding the worth of the world and my freedom. 

When a new dream soon starts, I want to make it all count. 

It’s funny that all it took was a “pandemic” to truly realize how much I miss being out in the world. 

It’s funny that all it took was a “pandemic” to truly realize how much I miss being with my friends and family.

It’s funny that all it took was a “pandemic” to truly realize how much I took things for granted.

What’s next?

Your regards 


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