The Earth Is Flat

A video that I made! Voiceover done by me!

Do check the video out and I have added the written work below for people who would like to give it a read!

I do not know where I stand anymore 

My life goes on, but I am not sure how

I go for long walks to avoid home

I do wish the earth was flat 

It would give me a reason to not come back home 

I could go on and on without a care

I do wish I often had someone I could walk the trails with 

A friend, a lover or an enemy 

I do not know how it would go but I think every company would bring its own delight to the dynamic 

I am turning into an adult in a few days 

I do not seem fit to take on this role 

It makes me sad and scared

I cry at a youth I could have spent more wisely 

Crying over spilt milk has often been my motto 

Over here, people are keen to celebrate my existence. I am not.

If my life were to be a painting, I would use blue and yellow 

Colours of sadness and happiness. A contrast is often nice. 

With the shades that come from them, it would be enough to paint a picture 

I have heard that a hero goes through several stages in order to be deemed as a hero.
Am I even halfway?

What am I? 

I am a coward and will always be

I wonder how can I be the hero and not the villain?  

An anti-hero would also be fine. I guess I am an anti-hero then…

I am in no position to sleep 

So, what do I do?
Will you help me count the infinite stars painted on the black sky?

I have reached home.

I see no signs of home.

I guess, the earth is flat after all. 

I will continue to walk on this flat earth

I walk not knowing where I will go

I will walk, I may fall, but I will never look for home. 

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