Day 2 out of the number of days I will try to write continuously.

Day 2, going alright.

To be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to continue with this writing challenge but I saw a post on Instagram about being a better writer. That inspired me and here I am. 

I will be going for a walk soon. Being at home and watching Avatar: The Airbender is entertaining indeed, however I would like to not be cooped up in my home. 

I had an idea on what to post for the second day of this writing challenge. Just a blank page. I can call it a symbolic piece and you can interpret that blank page however if you want. Your mind is the artist. A good idea but it was lazy of me.

Yesterday, I watched the film, ‘ Edge of Tomorrow’. It was surprisingly very comedic despite being a serious sci fi movie. I look forward to watching more sci fi movies and I have regained my love for sci fi again. 

There are no new bizarre thoughts going on in my mind that would interest people. In fact, there are no thoughts in my head now. My mind latches onto tasks that I am doing thus not wanting to indulge in no thoughts. 

This writing challenge is turning into a diary entry. I am not a fan of diary entries because they remind me of an educational construct. In middle school, writing diary entries was one of the way how we were tested our creative writing abilities. What is a good replacement for the word diary entry? 

I eagerly wait for when I can go back to university to start my Masters. I also wait for my I-pad so I can be productive and super organized. 

2020 is that cheeky little bastard who just keeps giving more and more when no one wants it to. 

I am going to go for that walk now. 

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