Let’s talk about what’s happening.

I do not even know where to start. Let me start with the events that have happened and are happening. It’s terrifying living in times where one’s colour, gender and sexual orientation are what decides if their life matters or not. 

The death of George Floyd is the most shocking brutal and heartless crime committed by the American Police force. Many other crimes against black people have been reported, each devastating and heart breaking. 

In various states across the USA, people are protesting against police brutality and for the justice of George Floyd and other black people who have been the unfortunate victims of police brutality.

I might not understand the extent to how much fear black people face because I am not black, but I do understand and know that people should not fear for their lives because of what skin colours they are. How does the colour of one’s skin determine whether their lives are important?

Black People should not fear for their lives when walking down the street. The black community should not face fear for going on about their everyday lives. I am heartbroken and shocked as to how even in this day and time, crimes against black folks are still prevalent. 

People say its 2020 and its high time this needs to stop. What use is it pointing out the year when certain people are still stuck with old hateful ideologies and those people pass it on to the younger folks. CHANGE YOUR MINDSET PEOPLE.

Regardless of what time and year we are in, respect and love towards and amongst people always need to be maintained. 

We should treat everyone the way we would like to be treated, with respect, dignity and love. 

To the white racist folks out there, answer this question.

What sets you apart from the rest of the human beings?
What makes your life worth living and the lives of black folks not?

What authority do you have to decide if one’s life is worth living?

I have watched dozens of videos and read articles where white folks use their privilege against black people who have done nothing. It horrifies me to see that such people exist. 

A video that honestly disgusted and shocked me was of a white woman suddenly calling the police and changing her demeanour and voice into being the petrified victim just to arrest the black woman who was simply standing and minding her own business.

It was disgusting of the white woman to use her ‘white privilege’ to commit such a shallow act. It sucks that the black community has to fear for their lives so much. Scared of being arrested, scared of being shot, scared of being part of a hate crime; just because of who they are. This is unjustified. 

It speaks volumes when the president of United States himself is an advocate for such violence and hatred towards the black community. As the leader of the free world himself enforces such horrendous ideals, this allows racist white folks to unleash their hatred towards the black community. 

When the people of America chose Trump to be their president, the citizens who voted for him were allowing hate, misogyny and sexism to prosper. It is time we put dangerous leaders down and allow good leaders to take charge. 

One cannot ignore the fact that Trump has now threatened to enforce martial law against peaceful protestors who are simply asking for justice to be served and for people to treat the black community with respect and love. 

I have one thing to say to people who say that the ‘protests happening right now are unnecessary’ or ‘they do not understand why’. 

If you have to ask this question, it means that you are oblivious to the privilege you own, and you are oblivious to the harsh reality that black people face. 

There are some people who post about black lives matter because they feel the need to say something in order to be considered as woke or as caring about people. DO NOT BE THAT PERSON. Support the movement because you mean it because we do not need toxic enablers who hide behind false pretences. 

To those people who fail to understand the severity, please wake up from the bubble painted by leaders and of the privilege around you. Let’s not stay silent. 

I stand with those who fight for their rights and lives. 


To people who want to understand and educate themselves more


The documentary 13th is a very good source to understand the racism against black people has been built over the time. It was an eye opening moment for me when watching this documentary. 

If you are able to donate, please do donate to the black lives matter movement

To those unable to donate, please sign petitions and show your support by educating yourself and others around you


3 thoughts on “Let’s talk about what’s happening.

    1. I am aware of horrible discrimination that India is also facing and I am doing everything in my power to make the other people aware of it by sharing helpful resources on my Instagram and Facebook.


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