Presenting to you, the first piece from the Amalgamation series! I started with this because fandoms are a huge part of who I am and I wanted to share that with you all.


Entering a fandom is like testing the waters 

First you dip in your toe to test the temperature and when it feels good, you begin to dissent into the water. 

At first it can be cold but then the cold encapsulates you and your body becomes accustomed to it giving out the best feeling

There are cases when your body can’t handle the discomfort, so you leave but most of the times, you thrive in the water after swimming a few laps.

Personally, I find the above the best way to describe the entering of a fandom.

I thrive in fandoms and it plays a huge mark because a lot of my identity comes from it

Fandoms are a gateway to so many encounters and possibilities 

It starts like this

Out of  the ordinary, you start to discover or gain interest in the subject 

You slowly want to know more about them and that sends you into a black hole because you now have no control 

The process of never getting of the black hole is enhanced when you meet people who are in the same black hole as you

You slowly forge bonds and then decide to stay in this together 

You meet other people who share the same love and it expands consuming a part of you 

I enter fandoms for two reasons, one for the subject and one for the community 

Let me start with the fandom that took my fandom virginity, One Direction. I got into the bandwagon pretty late but I slowly understood why millions loved them. I always regret never joining it since the beginning but as I say, it’s better late than never. 

Step 1: I was tempted by the world, I won’t lie. Then the song Stockholm Syndrome did it for me which sucked me into their world. Watching cute, realistic and funny moments of the band which makes you understand them even more.

Step 2: Finding fangirls/fanboys to share the love of the band because only we understand how much they mean to us. 

We fangirls/fanboys understand each other which makes it special because this is a bond that we can’t share with people who don’t understand. This is our own special bond. 

Step 3: CHECKING THE WEBSITE FOR CONCERTS IN YOUR AREA… Buying merch if you have money and if you don’t have money, crying over not being able to afford merch. 

Step 4: Becoming a part of the fandom is the most exciting and energizing feeling because whenever they release new content, you gather up your fellow comrades and fangirl/fanboy over it together. You try to discover hidden Easter eggs and messages. Your voices get high and your excitement reaches the skies! Fangirling together gives you joy! 

The above steps can go for any subject, be it an artist, a band, a movie, a comic, a novel and more 

Crying over when MARVEL releases a new movie and enjoying the effort behind it. It is so significant and important to me and sharing that love with my friends and fellow fan girls/fan boys is precious gold.

Different fandoms carry special features and unique markers 

A common thing about fandoms is the joy that they all share when they see what they love 

I love fandoms because I have a chance to immerse myself into various pursuits 

It gives me the power to find people who share the same interest as me.

It allows me to make new and special connections. It is so beautiful to have that one common link that unites you with people who you never thought you could connect with. 

It allows me to be open minded towards people who are a part of other fandoms because I understand the feeling. It teaches me to be respectful to different opinions and voices.

I only realized how much I love being part of a fandom when I joined the BTS army. It reminded me why I love 

 fandoms. It reminded of the times where I got so excited and jumped and up and down over my favorite things. I still 

do get excited over my fandoms but there is something special fangirling over a boy band that I can’t get from 

 other fandoms. It reminded me of the overt excitement that I share with myself and with other people. 

Being 21 and fangirling over a boy band is such a different experience because I never thought I would ever get to experience it again like a teenager but I do and its amazing. 

Let me explain to you my experience of joining the BTS army because it is an experience like no other. I knew of them a long way back but I just recently became an army.

Step 1: For me, it happened out of the blue. I did not see it coming. I got sucked into the world of BTS by first watching clips of Jin shouting at other members which were so hilarious. Then I just continued to search and found more moments of him and the other members which got me interested deeply and made me want to learn about them even more. 

Step 2: This got me to listening to all of their albums and I finally understood why they have such a huge fandom! 

Their music is so good with so many different styles and such great meanings! THEY HAVE A WHOLE UNIVERSE 

JUST FOR THER MUSIC! BANGTAN UNIVERSE! If that doesn’t suck you in, I don’t know what will. 

Step 3: The moment I posted I was part of the army, I was bombarded with questions as to who my bias and my bias wrecker was or if I was OT7. I was clueless because I did not know what that meant at the time because I was still a fetus. 

To non army: Bias means your fav out of the band and bias wrecker means the person who makes you doubt if your Bias is your bias. Basically, they make you question who your favorite member is. OT7 (One True Seven) means everyone in the band is your favorite and there is no way you can choose because it would kill you!

Step 4: Googling the terms were my next step in order to communicate with fellow army and trying to distinguish between the members. I berate myself everyday for not confusing myself with Jungkook and V because how can that even be possible when they are so different.

So to distinguish them, I asked for help from my army friends who very lovingly explained. SUCCESSFULLY BEING ABLE TO TELL THE MEMBERS APART IS A HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT! How can 7 different people in a group make perfect sense?! 

Step 5: Watching more videos of them and falling in love with how they are so perfect and that’s when my bias’s started to develop. For me, it was Jin at first, then shifted to Jungkook because I started watching clips of him and then it became J-Hope because he is my hope and the rest are my bias wreckers because each one of them is so 

As special, different and unique that I can’t just choose one bias wrecker. I switch between OT7 and having a bias. Don’t even get me started on each of them because it will be a never ending saga.

Step 6: Discovering iconic BTS moments and fangirling over them with fellow armies! TRUST ME! That’s GOLDEN!

Sending memes to your army friends and fangirling over them is NIRVANA! When new content comes, your excitement takes over your whole body and mind. You share it online and fangirl over it immensely. It personally also becomes hard to never stop listening to their music. There is always new content spewing. 

Step 7: Sharing  your love with non army friends might be a bit annoying for them but you don’t care! You dream about wanting to meet them and go to their concerts. It kills you knowing you can never meet them one on one. You also forget how to breathe at times. Your Instagram gets loaded with them which you don’t mind. As an international fan, not having subtitles for videos of them suck. You also cry because they have so much merch but you can’t afford them.

Finale: You are bounded to this… You purple them a lot as well! 

So, I am an army and I am enjoying every minute of it tho I always hate myself for not loving BTS before…

So to sum it all up, being a part of any fandom is exciting and you should embrace it but also know that a few rotten apples do breed in it as well. Enjoy what the garden offers but don’t become the pests to ruin it for other beings and for the garden itself. 

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