Coming of age

Second installation in the Amalgamation series

The genre that has my heart amongst the gruesome selection my mind often wavers to

In you, I find comfort and companionship 

When I watch you on the big screen, you provide me with expectations of what my life would look like 

When it fails to come true, I blame you but I keep coming back because we share a bond of growing up amongst this chaos that we call a world

I keep coming back for your life story.

The first time I see you up there, I am intrigued by your existence. 

You let me be a silent spectator in your life. 

It electrifies me to join you in your wild ride of navigating your way around chaos with your compass

The big screen amplifies your existence as well as mine

When I see you smile with your hair let loose, enjoying life alone or with your friends, it gives me immense pleasure to see you find comfort 

Then the hurdle hits your life and it leaves us in turmoil, but I know this is not your end because that’s not how the big screen works

I wait patiently and am by your side when you battle the opposing force. I eagerly wait for your victory and claim over your rightful land but I also love to see you wallow in sadness and misery because if not for them, how can we both relate to each other?

Throughout your journey, I keep wondering if this is it for me as well

If I keep watching you, will I become you? Will I get your story? Will I also claim my land?

In order to become you, I have a track of songs that become my background score which transport me to a universe where I am the main character of this world.

Before I enter my dream land, I enact out your story in my head so that my dreams can take me to a place where I can live out the fantasies I have gained over years from watching you

But you have also taught me to not believe you. So I am in peril. 

In the end, you always get your way in some way or another, In the end I always see you happy and or reassured, 

In the end I always see you to have found comfort in life and what it can offer

In the end, I always see you smile and I wonder if that can be me someday.

I try to lead by your ideals and aesthetics but I make sure not to become you because you never taught me that

You taught me to be original but watching you makes me want to lead your life but I try my best to not become a copycat

A part of my personality is a product of various amalgamations from watching you. 

I take examples from your life but I pave my own story

So, thank you for existing and know that you have made a difference. 

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