Hi there

I hope you haven’t stumbled and tumbled upon finding your way here. Here lies different stories, feelings and experiences of a girl named Roshni. ( That’s me by the way. )

I write, ramble and scribble down all my thoughts on almost everything and anything down here.

This is my haven. Why So?

It’s because words are my source of escape and by using them, I am able to capture down and put into words on how I feel and about every little story and moment.

I use words and the final construction of a piece puts me at ease, soothes me and helps me relax. I like it when I can pour down everything here. One of the ways I de-stress myself or stop thinking about something excessively or to make that heavy feeling in my chest go away.

I hope you enjoy the ride here. Take as long as you like and you are more than welcome to stay and pour out your hearts out too.