6. Hooked and Trapped

Continued from 5... You didn't think I was finished with my work yet, right? Is this how writers feel when they leave you hooked?  It’s like a musical note towards the finale but incomplete  They play around with that last note, it lingers around and then you wait for them to end that note but [...]

4. No control

Followed from 3, The master continues to tell the story... Dear Visitor, I do not know what you seek but over here you shall find no rhythm to a proper story but just a flow of lines that my mind wishes to let loose I have no control over my hands or my mind It [...]

2. Monologue

Continuation from 1. The Prelude... Now I want you to imagine Can you do it for me? Imagine that this is a prologue to something great or a prologue to an epic end Create it however you like but I want you to make me the center in that space  In that dim vast space, [...]