I lost my sleep

It is late night or more so the cusp of a new dawn  I hear the sounds of the night and watch the streets remain empty  I listen to the winds roll across the city  I can see the strong waves of water and wind gush over the city  Droplets of rain stay on the [...]

I can’t sleep

I can't sleep because of the weight of the galaxy I carry inside my body I can't sleep because of the stars that light up in my soul I can't sleep because the stars have lost their way to reach the midnight skies I can't sleep because of the crack of the dawn in the [...]

Thoughts lead to a train wreck

It was a normal night Four in the morning It was the early rise of the dawn  While the whole world was still asleep, I was ready to step into my slumber As I unwinded a tiring day of hard chores, I decided to give myself a little reward Not knowing where the reward could [...]