Questions and Answers

( A white space surrounds the two people. The fog from the small window open creeps and settles in the room creating a hazy atmosphere. Two black chairs are present in the middle of the white room with a black table separating them. They are on opposite sides of the table making it easier for [...]

5. Complete

Continued from 4. From the land of the lost and tired, I have found my way I am afraid of not jotting all of you down You play and toy with me All these thoughts appear at once and once I close my eyes and drift off; these thoughts and words never make its mark [...]

A week of philosophies, The conclusion.

Day 7 17th September 2018   So here lies the end... An end to all the learnings. It was a very enlightening experience indeed. I have learnt some different philosophies of lives and I am happy to say that I have incorporated a bit of each into my life. I am learning and trying, after [...]