What awaits in 2019?

So here we are, the last day of 2018. Then 2019 begins the next day. Scary but exciting. Happy but nervous.


I am not going to be making resolutions, they seem like a strong word that is too hyped and does not work for me. I am going to work on myself, my goals and my dreams, try my best and learn. What I am going to do instead is just move on with 2019, focus on my goals and dreams, try my best, learn and change for the best. I am going to continue to live life like always. Make promises on the way, learn more on the way and try improving where I need to be improved. That’s what I am going to do.

 I want to start my year good, it’s a tradition in our family, more so believed and said by mom. If your new years starts in a good light, the rest of the year continues to go good. It’s a belief that I hold to my heart dearly. If we start our year good, it will go good and I would like to uphold and stick to it every single year.


Things to Look forward to 2019

  • Amsterdam trip with best friends!! Ready for some immersive out of the world new expericnes over there and I can’t wait for it!! New adventures and memories await!!


  • Planning a trip to Paris, Disneyand!! Myself being such a huge fan of Disney have never been there!! SO I AM SO STOKED TO GO TO THE CITY OF MAGIC!!! Keeping my fingers crossed for this trip to happen!! And also planning a trip to some other places as well!! Let’s hope that it happens


  • GOING FOR Panic! At the Disco Concert on March 26th!!! FINALLY!!!!! I Can’t wait!! Imagine listening to Brendon live, his vocals, him, THE SONGS!!! Dear lord, Have mercy!!


  • All my favourite shows such as the A Series Of Unfortunate Events, One Day At A Time, The Good Place, Riverdale, Brooklyn 99 all come out and then don’t even get me started on the movies that are going to come out!! 2019 IS GOING TO RULE!!


  • Turning the BIG 20 on May 24th. The adulthood takes over this one now. I do not know if I dread this or whether I am eagerly waiting for it. I feel more like dreading to this because I am not ready to be an adult. Are any of us ever ready?


This is just the start and I am sure many more awaits as I continue the journey. 

– Roshni Marath Jairaj


The Last Day of 2018 at Nottingham

13th December 2018, 1:00 AM


Sleep refues to potrude and take over me, what do I do at times like these? I take out my laptop, watch a few shows, listen to some music especially to Panic! At The Disco because they are love, and they are life.


Now it’s 10:40 pm, a few hours left to go

I slept for a few hours, after I started to write this post. This girl needs her sleep. After my sleep, I woke up, did my laundry, changed bed sheets, cleared out the garbage and fridge, cleaned the washroom, vacumed the floor, ate food, slept and now continuing to finish this post before I leave.

Looking forward to 2019 because too many exciting things are happening, which I will tall about later in my later blog post.

Right now, I am going to focus on my feelings on the last day of 2018 here, at Nottingham, a place that feels like home now thanks to the “good group of friends” I have. I put them in quotes because, inside joke…… And if my friends read this post, they will kknow about it. Now I know whether you read my posts or not.

So, getting back to my feelings. I feel a bit nervous and very excited to go back home. Why does it feel werid tho? Going back to your own home. It feels like such a long break and then you returning back to your home is a whole sort of process in itself. The whole nervous, anxious bit, the sadness of leaving your friends, the journey and the airplane ride in itself. It is such a pain but it’s worth it.

I try not to think about the time that I have to come back in January because I want to be more of the version of myself where I do not want to worry about every worrying moment of the future, I want to live each day without worrying about every bit. I want to enjoy and live in the time, at the moment.

It’s a process in learning and making.

So right now, I am excited and staring at the clock real hard waiting for the hourse to go by fast so that I can reach home and then pray and hope for the clock to start working really slow when I reach back home. I want time to go as slow as possible the minute I set foot in Dubai.


14th December, 1:30 AM

My Last Day.

I look towards the clock tick and anxiosuly wait for each hour to pass by fast so that I can leave for home. I walk around, pace in my room, listen to some songs to kill some time, partciualrly more of Panic! at the disco and Zayn’s new ablum Icarus Falls. Also killing some time by watching some interviews.

So right now, I feel excited, nervous and ready. I am also relived because I wanted to post this piece before I left and now that I have, I feel free and liberated.

The minute it hits 3, I know that I can’t containt it in me anymore. Just one more hour and I am on my way to the airport and then comes the tedious journey.

I am so ready to go back home.