The Take Out

I sit out on a bench looking at the street looking at the various buildings that exisit to serve some purpose I sit here outside this cafe waiting for my pizza and cheese fries on the go. To pass some time, I listen to my playlist “My Indie Vibes” . Each song somehow suiting the mood [...]

To not care or to care, That is the question.

You were a produce amongst many of the others  I chose you out of the many I nurtured you and I fed you  I fed you with everything you wanted, needed and secretly demanded Without a moment of hesitation I submitted it all to you You are a taste one acquires at first but then [...]

One Last Look

Friday 26th October 2018 It was time to leave again. It was a short visit for four days to home to resolve an issue. Taking a break from uni and going back for that short time was just diffcilut because I was used to my routine and breaking it and leaving felt hard because I [...]