Rain and Thunderstorms

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4qv1rJTnqo Something that I made being in lockdown. I can't go outside, so why not be inspired watching the world from inside the home? So I made this video to get inspired and I wanted to do something creative!


Lately it's been a bit rough and tough. It's been a while I have posted. This has been in the works a lot because my mood and mindset have been in the works a lot. So I am going to try and jot down every feeling i have had in this one tiny post. I [...]

Breathing in.

" Never had I thought that the scents I would breathe in would someday become the dire drug my body needed in order to exist and often be used to rejuvenate myself back to life. This was that drug that needed to be taken in your life quite often to know that good and joy still [...]