Another state

I go to sleep without the help of aid these days now  In the past, as I have awoken from sleep, I remember details of my dreams vividly but now I seem to have loosen myself into them Earlier, I witnessed my dreams from the point of a third person but now, it seems like [...]

The Joker’s Naughty Sister

Brought to you by my Nightmares I have written down every detail I could remember from this one. This nightmare stuck to me the most and also from many of the frightening nightmares, I remember this very vividly. I made sure I remembered all the details by going over them again and again while trying [...]


I am a fool for dreams. I am utterly and completely obsessed and in love with dreams. Dreams are like a comfortable dress, they are laces of wavy soft fabric stitched onto my mind. My dreams are like cloths of different colours layered one after the other making it very flowy and intricate. They are [...]

I can’t sleep

I can't sleep because of the weight of the galaxy I carry inside my body I can't sleep because of the stars that light up in my soul I can't sleep because the stars have lost their way to reach the midnight skies I can't sleep because of the crack of the dawn in the [...]

5. Complete

Continued from 4. From the land of the lost and tired, I have found my way I am afraid of not jotting all of you down You play and toy with me All these thoughts appear at once and once I close my eyes and drift off; these thoughts and words never make its mark [...]