I have to change

7th August 2019, 7:20 pm Now I am in the airport heading back for Singapore, back to my mom and dad! Here I am editing this piece that I want to post before I leave Dubai physically because this piece means a lot because it happened here and I got some good advice here, so [...]

4. No control

Followed from 3, The master continues to tell the story... Dear Visitor, I do not know what you seek but over here you shall find no rhythm to a proper story but just a flow of lines that my mind wishes to let loose I have no control over my hands or my mind It [...]

3. The Master

Continued from 2. The Monologue... I want to be that one who teaches you I want to be that one who people learn about  Do you not find it fascinating or tentative or is it just me?  How to make you understand is beyond my limits  If you were I, this would be so much [...]

Teaching and joys.

July 17th, Tuesday, 10:38 pm It all happened as I was watching Star Wars: Episode 5- The Empire Strikes Back. It all happened in the blink of an eye. The question was popped up after a few moments the movie began. A few moments into the movie, my mom pokes at me and tells, "my [...]