Being Cozy

I woke up to a good day! The skies were clear but now it's a bit dark out. It's moody, grey and comfortable; my cup of chai! Started of the day talking to my mom, dad and grandparents. I had fun! They told me I glowed which made me happy. It was just one of [...]

Do you wonder?

I often wonder what other people are doing at this very moment that I am in. What are they upto in their lives? I especially wonder this in case of celebrities because it's so fascinating for me to wonder what they do in thier spare time because I adore many celebrities and often wonder what [...]

3. The Master

Continued from 2. The Monologue... I want to be that one who teaches you I want to be that one who people learn about  Do you not find it fascinating or tentative or is it just me?  How to make you understand is beyond my limits  If you were I, this would be so much [...]